Twas the Night Before Christmas…an A.A. Poem
Twas the night before Christmas and all through the halls;
not an alkie was drinking or eating rumballs.
The children were happy, their folks were serene,
Asleep in their rooms dreaming Christmastime dreams.
The sponsees were nestled all snug by their phones;
Hoping their sponsors soon would be home.
Papa in his bathrobe, and I in my gown;
Were grateful to be home, not stumbling ’round town!

 When out in the driveway I saw some headlights;
Who was coming to my house at this time of night?
Away to the window I flew at great speed;
I wanted to see what these people would need.
The night it was late, didn’t they know?
I would go downstairs quickly, and tell them to go.
When what to my wondering eyes should appear?
But a lawn full of drunks, and not one with a beer!
With hope in their hearts, anxious looks on each face;
They were scoping the town, for their next meeting place.

I opened the door, to let my friends in;
The Christmas Eve meeting was about to begin!
On coffeepot, cups, and some sugar and cream,
Old-timers, newcomers, and those in between.
“In my home you are safe!” “Come on in!” hear my call
Now sober drunks, sober drunks, sober drunks, all!
As dry drunks before a meeting do cry,
when they meet with the “obstacles selves” they deny;
So into the kitchen, the alkies they flew,
With a room full of feelings, some joyous, some blue.

And then in a moment, the meeting did start;
A gratitude meeting, sober living…and heart!
As we went ’round the room there were stories of woe,
Descriptions of lives only alkies would know.
Stories dressed all in booze, from beginning to end,
that “drink” was a gut-wrenching, fair-weather friend.
A bundle of pain, each drunk slung on her back;
The road was quite bumpy! The deck had been stacked!
Relationships, crumbled, our finances, weary,
Our souls were like vacuums, our eyes always teary.

Each drunk bared their soul, and shared through the hour;
Of recovery held dear, and a new “Higher Power”
The fellowship gave, new life to each face;
All sober men and women, with dignity and grace.
A desire to stop drinking, is all that’s required,
A way out, a way up; new lives to inspire!
It was time for the meeting to come to an end.
Alcoholic brothers and sisters and friends.

The Serenity Prayer was then said as we held hands and prayed,
Electricity, wonder and magic displayed.
We did “clean up” and chattered and when saying good-bye
Embraces, well wishes, and not a dry eye.
I sprang to my bed, and thanked God for this night.
I snuggled under the covers; and all felt so right!
But I heard them exclaim, as they all drove away,
“Thank God for A. A. and each sober day!”

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